Whether it is a commitment ceremony or a marriage ceremony it is not the piece of paper that you receive after the "I do's" that formalises your relationship, it is the love and honesty in the "I do's" and the promises you make each other, promises you intend to live and love by.As a marriage celebrant, and a person who is committed to equal rights, I believe that marriage should be an option for everyone and I look forward to performing my first legally sanctioned same sex ceremony - in the meantime I am very happy to perform commitment ceremonies and I do so with the same zeal and commitment that I do wedding ceremonies. 

There are various reasons why couples can not or do not choose to get married but this does not mean that their relationship shouldn't be recognised and celebrated. Commitment ceremonies are available for couples who wish to make a lifelong commitment to each other without the legalities defining and formalising marriage.
The rules for a commitment ceremony are simple: There are no rules. The content and style is tailored to the wishes and needs of each individual couple. I would be delighted to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your love, your relationship and your hopes for the future.

Although commitment ceremonies have no legal implication your commitment ceremony can be registered as part of the City of Sydney's Relationship Declaration Program . This register recognises the partnership status of both same-sex and mixed-sex couples. Registration does not confer legal rights in the way a marriage does but it does allow couples to make a written declaration that they are mutually committed to sharing their lives together. Under the program, two people may declare that they are partners and have this declaration recorded in the City of Sydney Relationships Register.
There's even an option for making your declaration in the Lady Mayoress' Room at Sydney Town Hall. Thank you Clover!
Registration may also be used to demonstrate the existence of a de-facto relationship within the meaning of the NSW Property (Relationships) Act 1984 and other legislation and you can use the Relationships Declaration at banks and other financial institutions to prove your identity.It is worth 25 points which gives it the same amount of points as an Australian Marriage Certificate.
Wikipedia has some very useful information on the certificate which you can access by clicking here.  And you can download the information package here: City of Sydney's Relationship Declaration Program .